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Winners of 2017

  • Moses Jackson-Bourne
    Moses Jackson-Bourne
    Magazine design

    Moses Jackson-Bourne

    (Brand Identity Designer)


    I am a student of Radford University College pursuing bachelor of Art in Graphic Design. I am self-motivated with good communication skills. I love playing video games at my leisure time. Works of nature inspires me and also I love listening to inspirational music.


    Graphic Design has been part of me for sometime now. I love the experience; the challenges, meeting deadlines on projects, working under intense pressure, solving problems every single day and finally celebrating after delivery a successful project. All these makes graphic design an interesting profession to have.


    Graphic design has changed my perspective about life.


    On the award of being the overall best graphic design student for 2017, I want to thank the organizers, the judges, participating schools, gallant students who took part and the praise goes to God Almighty. It was something I wasn’t expecting. I was very surprise and also excited for winning it… It was really hard work and the believe of achieving something great as this.


    The 2018 Africa award edition will be successful and wish participating countries all the best. My prayer is that the overall best will come from Ghana.


    Thank you

Winners of 2016

  • Michael Drah
    Social media advertising

    My Experience with the Graphic Design Awards 2016

    I decided to participate in the Graphic design Awards after its team came to our class to publicize the awards scheme. My decision was mainly to test my creative and problem solving skills and also build a portfolio out of the works after the competition. Solving the creative briefs and coming out with a solution wasn't easy since I was writing exams at the same time. However, because I never leave uncompleted what I start, I was able to complete the categories I chose.

    Before the awards night, I didn't get any invitation which made me lose hope a little but with the encouragement from my roommates I decided to attend the ceremony and at least meet new people and have some fun. I participated in two categories, one of which I had little hope of winning and the other I was sure of winning. I was sitting by some friends talking about how impressive the awards night was and I got called as the winner of the public service announcement category, which gave me hope that I may win the other category that I had little hope in (Packaging) and truly I won it. I was then crowned the overall winner and took home some cash prizes and a promised trip to South Africa.
    I was and am still happy for that night because it was my first public award, it gave me a lot of exposure and am also looking forward to enjoying the educational trip to South Africa. I am super exited because that will be my first trip outside Ghana and am really really hoping to enjoy it.

Winners of 2015

  • Jeffrey tetteh Quaye
    Jeffrey Quaye
    Magazine design

    Jeffrey Tetteh Quaye is a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Illustrator and recently won the maiden award for the best graphic design student in Ghana at the maiden Ghana Graphic Design Awards 2015. Jeffrey is a graduate of Radford University College in Accra. Ghana