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The Awards

The Graphic Design Awards Ghana was established to motivate and inspire graphic designers to go into specialisation fields and also develop their skills. The first edition was very much welcomed by the graphic design students’ community. It was patronised by a good number of students who saw it as an opportunity to evaluate themselves and market their expertise. The educational institutions also saw it as an opportunity to evaluate and market their students and market themselves too. To the business community, Graphic Design Awards Ghana is a platform to hunt for talents and also market themselves to the graphic design students’ community.

The maiden edition saw interest in the awards scheme from as far as Nepal, India and Netherlands and closer home, Kenya, Cameroon and Nigeria. Graphic Designers from these countries contacted us on our Facebook page expressing interest in taking part. The award scheme however, is open to ONLY Graphic Designers PRACTICING in Ghana. The jury consisted of a panel of international and local Graphic Designers with vast knowledge and experience as practicing Graphic Designers/educators. For the maiden edition, we had a British judge, a Chinese Judge and two Ghanaian judges who trained and practised in Ghana for a while before relocating to London and New York. For the second edition, we had a British Chinese Judge, a South Korean Judge and four (3) Ghanaian Judges based in London and Accra


Graphic Design Awards Ghana is an award scheme developed to recognise and celebrate talented Graphic Designers and also to motivate and inspire others. It is also to showcase to the business community the best of Graphic Design education in Ghana. It will be an annual event.


  • Celebrate talents,
  • Motivate others to specialise in an area of interest,
  • Inspire others to also reach higher standards,
  • Raise the standards of Graphic Design in Ghana.


  • Encourage market segmentation of the Graphic Design industry,
  • Reward area specialisation,
  • Raise the standards of the Graphic Design education to compete on the international level,
  • Give new talents (students and graduates) opportunity to market themselves,
  • Give companies a platform to market themselves and hunt for new talents/

Awards’ Ceremony Day Format

  • A formal evening reception and dinner, attended by the Graphic Design Students and professional community, and some key influencers (senior politicians, CEOs etc)
  • The focal point of the evening is the awards ceremony itself.

Competition (Creative Briefs)

  • Integrated cross-platform
  • Web design
  • Social media advertising
  • Public service announcement
  • Fashion catalogue
  • Infographics
  • Packaging design
  • Magazine design