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The Awards

The Future Starts Here...

Graphic Design Awards Afrika was developed from the success of Graphic Design Awards Ghana. The Graphic Design Awards Ghana aka GDAG Student Awards has grown to become the most important and largest student design awards in Ghana since it was launched in 2014, and it is still growing and even growing into the continent particularly South Africa, Uganda and Kenya. We work in collaboration with all the five (5) major universities in Ghana offering Graphic Design as a major course. They are KNUST, Radford University College, UEW, Takoradi Technical University and Ho Technical University. Professionally designed and developed creative briefs (designed and developed by Ghana trained Designers who are based in US, UK and New Zealand) are released to the Heads of Department of Graphic Design of the participating universities, and they also release it to their lecturers and students to execute and submit the works for an international panel of judges to mark the works. The 2018 edition dubbed Graphic Design Awards Afrika is going to be exciting as there will be live judging of the shortlisted students in front of live audience. Shortlisted students will pitch or defend their works in front of international panel of judges. 

The Jury

The awards scheme was designed and developed to meet the International Council of Design (ico-D)’s criteria for an international awards scheme, by having two or more foreign judges on the jury.  The maiden edition (2015) had 4 judges – 2 Ghanaians (one lecturing in US and the other a design Consultant in London), a British Chinese lecturer and a Briton lecturer (both lecturing at University of Leeds. The 2016 edition had 5 judges - 3 Ghanaians (2 based in Ghana and the London based consultant), the British Chinese lecturer (University of Leeds) and a South Korean design consultant based in Singapore. The 2017 edition also had 4 judges - 2 Ghanaians (one based in Ghana and the London consultant), The South Korean and a Jordanian lecturer. With the 2018, there will a South African professional and two Ghana based professional designers of excellence.


Graphic Design Awards Afrika is an award scheme developed to recognise and celebrate talented Graphic Design students of the Afrika continent. It is also to motivate and inspire others, and showcase to the design community the best of Graphic Design education in Afrika. It will be an annual event.


  • Celebrate talents,
  • Motivate others to specialise in an area of interest,
  • Inspire others to also reach higher standards,
  • Raise the standards of Graphic Design in Afrika.


  • Encourage market segmentation of the Graphic Design industry,
  • Reward area specialisation,
  • Raise the standards of the Graphic Design education to compete on the international level,
  • Give new talents (students and graduates) opportunity to market themselves,
  • Give companies a platform to market themselves and hunt for new talents/

Competition (Creative Briefs)

  • Integrated cross-platform
  • Web design
  • Social media advertising
  • Public Service Announcement Design
  • Fashion Catalogue Design
  • Infographics
  • Packaging Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Advertising Design